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Magiclingua is the first language learning app built for the tongue, not for the thumb.

🎬 Understand grammar with video tutorials from our teachers

🤖 Converse with an AI-powered voice-bot without fear or embarrassment

🙋 Book video chats and practice what you’ve learned with native tutors

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Co-Founder Demodesk

I used Magiclingua for improving and refreshing my Spanish. Since my day is usually pretty packed, it is amazing that Magiclingua provides value right away as soon as you start using it. Great work guys! Excited to see how this evolves further.


Amazing experience and beautifully designed app


none so far

CEO, Magiclingua
Thanks ❤️ We will keep you updated!
Front-End Developer UI / UX / Product

I loved the product, looking forward to use the full version!


Language education via voice is the best!

Perfect interface

Quality videos and enhanced efficiency via tutor sessions

Affordable price


Couldn't see something significant so far far but maybe repeating the hard words/phrases option could be good.

Hi Taha, thanks for your review and the feedback! 👍 We are also planning to offer a function that would record what you say so you can hear your own pronunciation after the exercise. Embarrassing for the most of us, but could be really helpful 😆 What do you think?
Growth Hacker

I begin to learn German with Magiclingua and it's really addictive. You really want to pass to the next step and discover new videos and get to the mentor videos asap.


Easy to use and silk interface, Voice and videos learning, great and complete process of learning


none expect the number of available languages

Always up for new innovations
Thank you so much ❤️, it's really great to hear that you're enjoying your time with Magiclingua!
Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday

Great implementation and user experience, not every day you get surprised by well-done web service.


design, implementation, easy and fun to use


pricing policy (perhaps it only me)

I just love new and innovative creations
Thanks for the review Dmitry ❤️
Improving my German for work & travel
More content would make this a better product. If you want to learn basic stuff, the app is wonderful. It will give you hours of content. But it does not get very intermediate, much less advanced. The product isn't cheap. So when they describe a course as "intermediate," it should be just that... And it's not. It barely gets into that level, much less completes it. It looks great and the video instructor is great, but it ends long before it should. They have an email address and a chat button to talk to someone from Magic Lingua, and no one ever answers either of them.