Magic Spoon

Create and store brilliant recipes on Blockstack

#3 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2019
Unleash your creative juices and create the magical recipe that has left a lasting impression on you. Your recipe will be stored on blockstack platform, a fully decentralized app ecosystem which gives you full control of your data and identity.
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Hello People, Just created MagicSpoon, a product that helps you develop and save innovative recipes. It combines my passion to code and cooking. Magicspoon helps you save your recipes in a decentralised manner with the help of blockstack platform. You can share your recipes with friends and collaborators. I am working towards ensuring that people collaborate on recipes which I feel can add a lot of fun in our lives. Please try the product and leave your feedback. There is loads to come from my end.
@nehagoswami03 Finally there's a FOOD52 app on the blockchain!
@nehagoswami03 Recipes are not loaded from the blockstack platform, there is no way to edit recipes. Does not make a lot of sense in the current state ..
@friedger_muffke Thanks for your feedback.. The recipes shown are sample ones for the new user to understand. The recipes entered by the users will be stored on the blockstack platform. I agree with you, Edit recipes option is important. It will be launched soon. Thanks once again for your feedback..
not sure about the name. the cereal startup MagicSpoon is taking off a lot and getting a lot of attention. i confuses your product with that
Yes what?
@sukru_yamac Can you explain your question??