The Sky is your playground. Easily create fun memes and short videos by remixing the sky in your pictures with curated effects or millions of GIFs powered by Giphy.
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Hey Product Hunters! 📷 +🌤 = 🌈 The Sky is your Playground! We hope you enjoy this camera and I can't wait to see what you'll create with it. ☀️ We had the idea for Magic Sky Camera during the NYC lockdown after realizing how precious it was to be able to venture (safely) outside. 🧪 Magic Sky uses machine learning to automatically segment the sky in your pictures and replace it with a list of curated effects. You also have the ability to import GIFs from GIPHY or even use your own visuals thus opening unlimited creative possibilities. WELCOME TO POST-REALITY!
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Excellent. Rêve et réalité se mélangent. 😊
Looks fun!! When this will released in Google Play?
@david_son_irvine we'll consider an Android version if we see enough traction with the iOS version first!
@david_son_irvine @matthieu_lorrain Consider me interested in an android version! This looks amazing.
@david_son_irvine @ori_mandel yes we heard that feedback several times and would love to develop an Android version if we see enough momentum. Would great way to also expand to more countries with higher Android penetration.
@david_son_irvine @matthieu_lorrain Thanks for the feedback. I am looking into android development this month. Agree that this is important
So fun! Finally I have a use for all of my sky images... it’s like a brand new canvas for creative expression.
@natalya_ny Can't wait to see what you create with Magic Sky. Thanks for the feedback!
@natalya_ny It's honestly so cool to see people playing with magic sky. Releasing a product into the wild and getting feedback is really gratifying.
Such a cool project!
@ujpark1 thank you Uijun!