Robert Dempsey
Robert Dempsey reviewedMagic Leap OneSuper stealthy AR startup reveals its first product

AR will change the way we interact with the world. Hands-free is the way to go.


How easy will it be to build apps on top of it?

If this thing is around $400 I'm going to buy one.

As a developer, it would be awesome if I could do things like access documentation on an AR screen while working on my code. I wonder how easy it will be to build these types of "everyday" applications.

I play games, but as a developer and business person, games won't be my number one use. Adding contextual data to what I'm doing is what I'm after.

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Sebastian Scholl
Sebastian Scholl@sebastianscholl · Vr
Hey Robert - last year I sat in at a talk with the CEO of Magic Leap. Price came up as a topic. He hinted at the price being $1,000+, alongside widely owned premium consumer electronics like a Mac. I believe the price point is going to be prohibitive. Especially since, unlike an over priced smartphone, it's unlikely there will be public financing available. As for now, if utility, price, and style compare to that of Google Glass, it may be a difficult road ahead.