Magic Chat

Texting app that predicts your needs.


Magic Chat is the 1st SMS/MMS app with an AI engine that LITERALLY brings the future one step closer: by predicting what you need so you don’t have to search. It's like having a mind-reading personal assistant 🔮 right inside your texting app.

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  • PoorPockets McNewHold
    PoorPockets McNewHoldI'm someone who like things.

    The design in itself is really nice, and the automatic features proposed really make it extremely useful. It's also privacy friendly.


    Well, for a french like me. It didn't seems to understand my language obviously, and i couldn't make any use of it.

    Obviously, it's still early, so they're quite a lot of features to do and add, as well as languages to support for my case. Some additional connectivity with some applications/services that we already have on your phone could also be nice to add, if it's of course, remotely possible to do it.

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  • Pros: 



    not available on all phone

    fantastic Artificial Intelligence Apps

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