MadKudu for Zapier

Zapier brings the automation, MadKudu the intelligence

Description: MadKudu for Zapier allows you to identify high-value prospects from key lead sources to drive insights and actions throughout all stages of the customer journey
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Today MadKudu is excited to talk about a product I had the chance to try for the last few weeks. I'm happy to introduce you MadKudu for Zapier! I'm a big fan of Zapier because it allows me to automate many things without any technical skills. As a user of lot of tools, I needed to find a way to connect the different tools I use between them. But to determine the best experience I should offer for each prospect, Zapier was not sufficient. Thanks to MadKudu, it solves this pain. Here some of my use case: - Qualify webinar leads and send them to my sales team to intervene if they see qualified leads - Automatically send email outreach campaigns to our best leads from a form fill on our website - Create leads our CRM and assign them with a score for our sales team to prioritize on, from a form fill on our website And so much more!
Thank you for hunting us @guillaumecabane ! I still remember working together on growth experiments and prototypes at Segment where you'd heavily rely on what you called the "duck tape" of B2B SaaS to stitch everything together. It was clear at that point that any growth marketer would need to be able to access some form of lead qualification in Zapier to make growth hacks more viable. So excited to finally release this to the world!
Hi fellow hunters, Thanks @guillaumecabane for hunting us :) Marketers are on average using more than 12 different tools, and some are using 31 tools to manage campaigns and data. And integrating data between those tools became one of the biggest priorities for many companies. Thanks to Zapier, it has become simpler to connect the dots between the different platform and tools. With more than 1200+ web app in their store, you can connect any tool to anything. The problem that we've seen across a dozen of our customers, though, is that they would usually end up with many not so great leads everywhere. That's why MadKudu for Zapier has been created. You can now score every lead you capture before sending it to your favorite tool. You will be able to determine the best experience you should offer for each prospect across the entire buyer journey. Zapier brings the connections and MadKudu brings the intelligence Let us know if you have any questions!
We have been using MadKudu for Zapier here at GitBook for quite a long time now and it helped us to score and segment every new signups to step up the quality of our outreach. It helps our team to save a ton of time by focusing on the best leads and improve our conversion rate. Finally, the cool thing with this Zapier integration is that you don't need an engineer for the setup, so I encourage you to test it right now!
The lead score by MadKudu for Zapier provides us with a score, as well as the size & the company industry. With Zapier this data flows in every tool you use :) -We use it to qualify new sign ups and plan the right actions (self-serve, sales automation,..). -We also combine it with intent data down in the funnel. To give it a spin and make up your mind quickly, head to your spreadsheet with a few business emails & see the results in the tools you're using!
@brieuc1 great use-case and glad to hear it's been helpful for the team!
I've been using Zapier, MadKudu and Slack to qualify all my newsletter subscribers. It's been tremendously helpful to build personal relationships with all the VIPs in my newsletter. Thumbs up to the MadKudu Team!
@pierre_lechelle you're welcome ;-)