Japan delivered to your door

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Handmade sweets, coffees, and teas from Japan? Already in love! 💛 cc @_camilletaylor
Thanks @nikkielizdemere. We are hoping to bring access to Japan without having to travel there!
@daishins ironically, I'm in Tokyo right now. I might use this to find places to visit. :) I like the story-telling aspect of the site and it's very well designed. The GIF hero images are a nice touch.
@rrhoover When designing our store page, we wanted the user to feel like they actually stepped foot into the store. Storytelling is definitely a key factor in making people feel comfortable with purchasing items from a store they have never been to or heard of. Overall, it seems to be working as users email us frequently letting us know how they've always wanted to go to Japan, miss living in Japan or miss traveling to Japan. I'm also in Tokyo btw. I can email you some places to check out.
I get my stationery from Maido ( San Jose) & Japanese snacks from other sources... now its all going to be in one place ! and now I really want some quality ramen...
What's the best place to find some Japanese glasses? Been looking everywhere for some Luke these Kaneko Optical frames