Made In Turkey

Companies based in Turkey and exporting products worldwide.

On this website, you can find a list of companies that are based in Turkey and exporting technologies worldwide. Some of the categories that we include:

Softwares, SaaS, Platforms, E-commerce, Gaming, Hardware, AI, IoT, VR.

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Thanks for hunting, @ahmetsulek. This is a weekend project that shows companies based in Turkey and exporting products/services/software worldwide. The aim of the project is to emphasize that there are valuable companies in Turkey also - such as Insider which had landed an $11 million investment led by Sequoia India. Keep watching Turkish companies. 🚀🚀
I hope I'll know more about Turkish companies. In this moment I can name only Turkish Airlines.
It's great to see this, made my day. We started making great products lately!
Are you open to featuring companies that were started in Turkey but have since relocated?
Very good idea! I hope to know more about Turkish companies!