Made In Turkey

Companies based in Turkey and exporting products worldwide.

On this website, you can find a list of companies that are based in Turkey and exporting technologies worldwide. Some of the categories that we include:

Softwares, SaaS, Platforms, E-commerce, Gaming, Hardware, AI, IoT, VR.

Atılay Yılmaz
Basar Basaran
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Levent Aşkan
Levent AşkanMaker@leventask
Thanks for hunting, @ahmetsulek. This is a weekend project that shows companies based in Turkey and exporting products/services/software worldwide. The aim of the project is to emphasize that there are valuable companies in Turkey also - such as Insider which had landed an $11 million investment led by Sequoia India. Keep watching Turkish companies. 🚀🚀
Nikita Kobylatov
Nikita Kobylatov@nikitakobylatov
I hope I'll know more about Turkish companies. In this moment I can name only Turkish Airlines.
Yaşar  Koçal
Yaşar Koçal@uyasarkocal · UX Designer
It's great to see this, made my day. We started making great products lately!
D E R R I C@megatanner · Product Manager, BeFunky
Are you open to featuring companies that were started in Turkey but have since relocated?
Shahrizada Balgimbekova
Shahrizada Balgimbekova@shahrizada_balgimbekova · Economist
Very good idea! I hope to know more about Turkish companies!