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Your personal calendar assistant on Slack


Madad is your personal calendar assistant on Slack. Connect your Google Calendars and manage your events from Slack by chatting. Connect multiple calendars and create events from your Slack channels.

2 Reviews
Sandeep C
Arunanand T A
Harisankar P S(HsPS)
 +5 reviews
  • Sandeep C
    Sandeep CProgramme Manager, JustDoc

    Useful for managing multiple google calendars

    Easy to use


    Can only integrate google calendars

    If you’re a slack user and plan everything on google calendar, this is the best option.

    Sandeep C has used this product for one day.
  • ShimomiAizo
    ShimomiAizoFirst Year Grad Student, HCI/d @ IUB

    Saves time having everything on my calendar available in my Slack window.


    Doesn't seem to work?

    Ran into a problem. Wrote more about it in the Maker's thread.

    ShimomiAizo has used this product for one day.