Your personal calendar assistant on Slack

Madad is your personal calendar assistant on Slack. Connect your Google Calendars and manage your events from Slack by chatting. Connect multiple calendars and create events from your Slack channels.

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@neerajt4 Thanks for the Hunt. Hello ProductHunt Madad is built to solve the problem of complex event management on google calendar. With Madad installed in your slack workspace, you can create and view calendar events right from slack. Also, with a simple dashboard you can manage multiple calendars as well. Hope you'll love Madad. Thanks
@devkdevan All the best! :)
@devkdevan Upvote for Mr.Stark ;)
@devkdevan I am still not sure where the problem is, and I understand that I shouldn't be writing about problems here, but please understand that I'm stuck on the Calendar Bot page ( after I signed in with my Slack (by saying "I'm stuck" I mean I can't go back to Madad landing page by all means I know of), so I can't access your Drift chat on Madad landing page. I clicked the Slack button on the landing page, then the authorization page showed up, I authorized, then Madad was available in my Slack (I found it in the Jump To... list), but its status is Away, and my Hellos were not replied as shown in the video. Then I noticed that probably I'm having the problem because I didn't sign in to Slack on Madad landing page; so I go back, clicked Sign In, this time the dashboard showed up, I integrated my work email and selected my calendar, then I got stuck in there, and Madad is still not replying in the Slack chat. I really like the idea of the product; I've already been dreaming of adding to-dos and calendar events right within my Slack window. But...
@hesperiashimo Unfortunately our server crashed a few hours back. We're back online now. Can you try again? It should be working now.

If you’re a slack user and plan everything on google calendar, this is the best option.


Useful for managing multiple google calendars

Easy to use


Can only integrate google calendars

We're planning on adding more calendars soon @meetsc. Thanks for the feedback.

Ran into a problem. Wrote more about it in the Maker's thread.


Saves time having everything on my calendar available in my Slack window.


Doesn't seem to work?