A customizable meeting interface, built on top of Zoom

Macro is a customizable meeting interface built on top of Zoom, reimagined for collaboration and inclusive conversations. Same Zoom links, same people, same meetings - but now so much better.
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πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ΈHey Product Hunt, I'm Ankith - one of the makers of Macro! We've been building Macro for the past ~6 months and are so excited to finally share it with you all today. We used the relatively new Zoom SDK as Macro's foundation, which allows us to wrap the entire Zoom experience within our app and completely control + customize the meeting UI without having to worry about audio/video infrastructure or scalability. We're launching Macro today with a few features that re-imagine the meeting interface for collaboration and inclusive conversations: πŸ”— Launch from the same Zoom links - any Zoom link you click will launch you right into the same meeting, now through Macro πŸ—ΊοΈ Airtime map - visualize in realtime the distribution of speaking time across participants in a meeting 🎨 Custom views - change Zoom's video UI to adapt to the style of meeting your having πŸ“ Outcomes - takes notes right in the meeting interface, categorized with shortcuts. Macro auto-creates a Google Doc in your Gdrive for every meeting and syncs all your notes in realtime to this doc thats instantly sharable with your team. More integrations coming soon! You can use Macro yourself, with your team still on normal Zoom - they don't need to switch. Best of all, Macro is free and available to everyone on macOS for download today. No waitlist. We're a small team of four, recently five, engineers who would love to hear your feedback on how we can make Macro, and your meetings, better. Thanks for reading! ✌️
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@aharathi Could you please send me an actual screenshot of Macro during a meeting?
I've been using Macro for the last month now and it has added an amazing layer for note-taking and awareness of who is speaking throughout the meeting. No longer is my desktop cluttered with text-edit documents! So excited to see this team continue to build out awesome feature sets. The founding team cares deeply about the UX and it shines through with how polished this launch is. Great job, team!! Looking forward to all future updates! Would highly recommend anyone reading through these comments to sign up and check it out =)
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@mattbilotti Thanks Matt!! Keep the feedback and bug-finding coming πŸ›
This sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. Can't wait to try
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@linusgeffarth if you're on macOS you can try it right away at!
@rjkeck2 the whole team's on macOS! πŸ™‚
Love the points you make around encouraging inclusive conversations πŸ™ŒοΈ The airtime feature looks amazing! Good luck with your launch! πŸš€οΈ
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This is amazing! But I use Windows 10, and I can't use it. Will you be adding Windows in soon?
@akhilesh_balaji Thanks! And yep - we use Zoom's Electron SDK so we're working hard to bring support to more platforms soon.
@aharathi Okay, cool! Keep up the amazing tools!