Macaw for Twitter

A free iOS app with the top-liked tweets from your network


Let the people you follow do the hard work of curating the best of Twitter.

If you don’t use Twitter much, Macaw helps you catch up on what you missed. If you‘re a power user, it finds new users to follow or tweets you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Free download for iOS, just sign in with Twitter!

(And send @zmh any questions/comments!)

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Dave Ambrose
Josh Pigford
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  • Tom
    TomSoftware Engineer

    great idea, nice aesthetic, easy to use


    any tweet interactions throw you over to your twitter app

    Updating my review now that the service is loading for me -- very cool premise! My only critique is that any user interactions toss you into your twitter app. Potentially out of scope for Macaw, but it'd be great if this was a full twitter client.

    Tom has used this product for one day.
  • Zach Wendkos
    Zach WendkosCXO, TrueFire

    Good idea


    It doesn't work

    The design has some issues too. No idea why this would have so many upvotes. Seems borderline suspicious really.

    Zach Wendkos has used this product for one day.