A personal assistant built inside Facebook Messenger



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Brian Lovin — Product Designer, Facebook
Pretty awesome to see what the Messenger team has done with M. Combining people and AI to help people with *anything* is super exciting!
Charlie Deets — Product Designer, Facebook
@brian_lovin 'Computers are a bicycle for your mind, M is a bicycle for your assistant.'
Tom Redman — Technical Product Manager, Buffer
@brian_lovin Awesome Brian! Thanks for posting this :)
Nir Eyal — "Hooked"
@brian_lovin Love this space! See my essay: http://www.nirandfar.com/2015/07...
ilan kasan  — Product and Business Leadership
@brian_lovin another interesting company in the space http://www.commersational.com
Reza Khadjavi — CEO, Shoelace
@robfdaniel, @jeremygoldbrg, @davidmarcus, how about some PH love and granting access for some of us here to play around with it! They totally should, right @rrhoover?
Kurt Walker — Ventrepreneur. Fundbrella.com
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