Lyra Analytics

Web analytics with smart recommendations.

#4 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2018

People do not want to track hundreds of different indicators on their websites, they need to know what to do about it. Lyra Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics tools with smart recommendations that will be learning to be more accurate with time.

@aleskin looks like a simple but great web analytics tool! Congrats on your PH listing :) We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Lyra at please PM me at for more details
Hi There, I am glad to present a new web analytics that can become a new standard. Ask any questions, thanks.
@aleskin Looks great! But why are you launching on a Sunday? Very few people will actually see it… For example (if my memory isn't betraying me) the Product Hunt daily newsletter only comes out on work days… — I suggest you contact the Product Hunt people so they'll republish this on, say, Tuesday. Another suggestion: Give a monthly discount for Product Hunt members. 🙂
@andylima Hi, Thanks for suggestions. I wrote to them, so if they remove us, we will relaunch on a weekday.
What is the point in limiting the number of sites among the tiers when pageviews are already limited? Seems pretty arbitrary to me.
@ianwalter This restriction is necessary for some reasons. But we will consider increasing it. Or we will try to cancel it Thanks for feedback.
That's a nice piece of information to share. Thank you