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Basically we got sick of emailing text URLs and realized there was no good social tool to easily (and fun-ly!) share content with friends, so we built Lynx! Anything you find online (article, videos, music, whatever) just send it with Lynx and then it goes into a special inbox just for links. It's available for iOS + on the web at + browser extensions from Chrome/Firefox/Safari. We just launched today so looking for early users and early feedback so we can keep building and improving!! Here's a little intro video
Here's our launch post "Lynx: Sharing Links Like It’s Not The 90s" Here's us on TechCrunch "Meet Lynx, An App For Sharing Links With Friends"
This seems fine for sharing news/jokes/videos but for important things I would still prefer something like Point but yeah, they're taking a bit too long to release their mobile versions 😕
@cprins_ Mobile is key. Give us a whirl and compare - install the Chrome extension + the iOS app together, that way wherever you find cool stuff we're there!
Oh boy. Submitted that link last week :(
Added to my Link Sharing Tools collection:
@anujadhiya 👍👍👍👋👋👋
Great idea! I'll have to take a look