LURE 2.0

Addictive text stories presented in a fun way!


Lure features a huge collection of chat fiction; short stories told with text messages, like if you were watching somebody else’s conversation. From thrillers and horror stories to hilarious group chats, Lure’s chat stories deliver traditional stories in an engaging new way – just tap to reveal the next message and watch the story unfold.

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Kartik Dadwal
Mahmoud Areibi
Hajer Mazagri
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  • Kartik Dadwal
    Kartik DadwalFounder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA

    Easy to use

    Pretty intuitive to navigate around

    simple concept


    Sometime the story can feel like its being pulled a little.

    I used the app today. I like the idea and the team has executed it well.

    Kartik Dadwal has used this product for one day.