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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Competitive space! How do you aim to compete with the likes of Assist and others? Why did you decide to go for a standalone app rather than integrate with messenger platforms? Also I think it would be useful to have a dedicated landing page with more info about Lunete and how it works, see it in action etc. The three screenshots wouldn't be enough to get me to download it personally. What sources are the items being bought and delivered from? Assist let you know what service is being used and I think it's a pretty important part of the process @takethisout
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Peter Simos
Simos Holdings LLC
@bentossell Great question! We are trying to make Lunete as personable as possible. In those terms your not just ordering something your making a connection with the person ordering it. I believe that going the extra mile will help us in the long run. Having a standalone app will allow us to provide future-proof features to our users. In going standalone we will have better oversight in the way our system works. We will definitely get a landing page going! We are currently working on a product video launching soon! We use a number of different sources from independent stores to major companies like Amazon and Jet. We are also looking into creating relationships with local businesses willing to provide the best services to our users. And yes definitely! As soon as the customer is ready to checkout we provide them with the origin company. Thanks!
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Drew Shah@drewshah1
How does it compare to this:
Aaron Myers
eCommerce Guy