Lunch Money 2.0

Delightfully simple budgeting

#3 Product of the DayApril 07, 2020
Lunch Money is a web-based personal finance and budgeting tool for the modern-day spender with:
- native multicurrency support
- powerful transaction utilities
- a complex and customizable rules engine
- a developer API
- CSV importing tool
- and much more!
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23 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Product Hunt πŸ‘‹! My name is Jen and I'm the one-woman team behind Lunch Money. Quick backstory I started working on Lunch Money as a digital nomad in Fukuoka, Japan in January 2019 (more about that here). Fast-forward 8 months later, I launched Lunch Money into the wild to take on big names like Mint and YNAB. What's new? Since our first feature on Product Hunt 7 months ago, we've matured a lot as a product and added a slew of new core features including: πŸ’₯ Fully customizable Rules Engine to automate your workflow πŸ’₯ Developer API for your own tools and plug-ins πŸ’₯ CSV-based transaction importing tool πŸ’₯ Query Tool to run analytics against your transactions πŸ‘‰ See why users choose Lunch Money, in their own words! πŸ‘ˆ Pricing & Product Hunt Promo Lunch Money offers pricing in both USD and CAD. Both monthly & yearly subscriptions are available. Use code PH2020 to get 25% off your first annual subscription! (Pst- if you sign up today, the code will be automatically applied!) Quick FAQ Is my bank supported for automatic imports? We use Plaid to automatically import transactions from most US & Canadian banks. If you're outside of this region, I encourage you to check out our CSV import tool or look into building your own integration with our API. Almost 40% of our users are outside of US & Canada, so these have proven to be sustainable methods for getting transactions into Lunch Money! Is there a mobile app? The short answer is "not yet". Since we are a small development team of 1, our current biggest strength is speed of iteration. Once we introduce a new platform, our development cycles will get drastically longer. We're focused on rounding out the core product more before we put effort into a mobile app. But it's definitely coming soon :) Thank you for considering Lunch Money! Feel free to comment below, reach out to me via Twitter (@lunchbag or @lunchmoney_app) or email I'd love to hear what you think! πŸ˜„
@lunchbag "Lunch Money offers pricing in both USD and CAD." This was the fastest way you put me off, a UK person who is one of 60% of your users. There's lots of ways you can receive money of different currencies, why limit yourself to just USD or CAD? Limiting automatic import is one thing, but I wouldn't mind using the CSV tool you mention in your FaQ.
@iamgp If it was possible, we would charge in *all the currencies*, considering how we strive to be internationally-friendly with our multicurrency features. The main issue is we're a Canadian-based company and we're limited by Stripe to only accepting payments in USD & CAD. Being a Canadian-based company is also why we have limits on automatic imports. None of it is by choice, it's simply the landscape that recent European data legislation has introduced. We're continuously working with relevant companies in the EU & UK to get around this but as I'm sure you can imagine, it's going to be a long and arduous process. The other alternative is for us to incorporate somewhere in the EU and be able to charge in more currencies and be within the law to automatically import bank data. But this will only introduce more fees and higher liabilities for us, and as a tiny bootstrapped start-up, it's simply not within scope right now. Almost 40% of our users are international, with a high proportion of them in the UK. Happy to report they've no complaints on these limitations with Lunch Money. A few have even written their own integrations to UK-based banks using our developer API. The Monzo one is open-sourced :)
I'm a YNAB user (that just happens to be what I use), but I have tried lunch money. I can't express how well built and smooth the entire app is. Its probably a year or two old but its already significantly better than mint and close to YNAB in overall finish. Honestly worth a fair shot especially if YNAB is not your thing
@nahtnam That's so great to hear, thank you for your support! πŸ˜„
I was a long time Mint user because I felt I had no other options. YNAB wasn't quite for me either but I had always been looking for an app that could replace Mint for transaction review and budgeting especially. When I listened to Jen on Indie Hackers Podcast I was pumped it give Lunch Money a try. After a test run, I was 100% in. I've made feature requests and asked questions and have always gotten a prompt, thoughtful response from Jen. It's also incredible how many new features she's released. Anyways, I'm a huge fan, I'm happy to pay for an annual subscription, and I can't wait for the bright future ahead of Lunch Money. Thanks @lunchbag !
@gvinter Thanks for the kind words, Galen! So happy to have you on board πŸ˜„
Congrats on the launch @lunchbag! I have struggled to find the right budgeting app as a person who does and a lot of multi-currency spending. I signed up this morning and can honestly say so far this is the best solution I have come across. The UX is clear and concise, the onboarding flow is πŸ”₯, and the intuitive logic around grouping and re-occurring charges is very well done. Also supporting πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦'s makes it just that much better (sending this from over in Waterloo).
@zlwaterfield That is awesome, I'm glad to hear Lunch Money meets your needs! Thank you so much for the support, and hello from a fellow UW alum πŸ‘‹!
I've been using Lunch Money since January as a replacement for Mint, which I had been using since 2010! I got tired of not having the level of control I needed over categorizing my transactions, which meant that my "budgeting" was just verifying I wasn't going over a total amount at the end of every month. With complex custom rules, easy transaction grouping/splitting, and detailed analysis, Lunch Money put me back in control and gives me better visibility into our spending. Plus, I no longer have to fend off the ads for financial products or the constant false alarm emails that warn me about "Upcoming Bills" or "Large Transactions". Jen has been incredibly responsive to requests and bugs. She's always churning out new, important features and the product feels way more polished than its competitors. I truly don't know how she stays so attentive and productive as a solo founder. Looking forward to seeing how Lunch Money shapes up over the next few years! Congrats on the 2.0 launch @lunchbag !
@blakeburch_ > I truly don't know how she stays so attentive and productive as a solo founder. Ah, I don't know either but I'm sure glad it comes off that way! πŸ˜‚ Thank you for the support and the incredible review, Blake! πŸ˜„