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Lunar 2.0

Sync your monitor's brightness with your in-built display 🖥💡


Smarter controls and a new Adaptive algorithm for your external displays.

• the brightness/contrast can respond to the built-in light sensor readings

• use the brightness keys to adjust external monitor's brightness

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Lunar 2.0 finally takes advantage of the built-in light sensor of my Macbook to bring adaptive brightness for the external displays.

Working in a room with a lot of natural light is much more enjoyable now!


Clean design, smart algorithm, useful hotkeys



Full-stack Engineer & Designer

Upvoted, but...

This I like about it the most:

- It's free

- It's working as described

- Has clean UI

- Smooth and logical UX

- Manual/Location/Sync Modes

What I did not like, the settings out of the box...

I set the mode to manual to test it out and I used given shortcuts to increase/decrease the brightness/contrast. It all works but changing both and having contrast really high or really low, didn't make sense.

I saw the options for setting minimum and maximum contrast/brightness and after a quick setup modifications, I liked the way it works.

It's not really a con, it's just something to think about... Maybe add a default settings out of the box that works best for most of the people?

Also, I'd really love if you can make brightness keys working, when MacBook is in clamshell (closed-display) mode. Cause currently, the keys are not working and I had to use the shortcuts provided CMD + OPT + NUMBER.

I am using my MacBook in clamshell mode all of the time, unless I hit the road. So this feature might be perfect improvement, if you can make it.

Currently I'm using an "Monitor Control" app, to have my brightness and volume controlled on external screen, but it's buggy.


Everything it has, except...


Some settings

Fullstack Developer
Thank you for the thorough review! The default settings are what worked for me, I can't really know how other monitors are responding to these settings. That's why I added so many knobs. I'll add some analytics in the next version to check what are the most used settings so that I can adjust the defaults based on what the users are using daily. The brightness keys feature has been requested more than a few times, I'll start working on it tomorrow as I'm sure a lot will find it useful. I'd like to hear about how you would see this feature working in regards to the min/max limits and sync/location mode. I'm not sure if I should respect those limits when manually adjusting brightness/contrast through keys. In Sync mode, the best way to do this without falling back to Manual mode is to let the keys adjust the offsets instead of the brightness itself.
Product Manager, Designer, Developer

Just AWESOME app. I didn't think it is possible. Love it.


Display brightness synced with my mac


Wish to have an option to bind external brightness with formula like B=my laptop-10%

Fullstack Developer
@vladkorobov Thanks for the review! About the cons, that option is already possible, but it might not be that obvious. That's what the Brightness Offset and Contrast Offset settings are for: https://imgur.com/MXkPrUY The formula behind it is a bit more complex than `B - X%` but works kind of the same way. You can see how the brightness curve reacts to the offset here: https://www.desmos.com/calculato...
Hack Club
THIS IS AMAZING! Holy shit! I'm extremely impressed!
Great Product. The UX is amazing... Wanted to ask. I have a MBP 16" connected to a Thunderbolt Display and a Dell Monitor via usb c. However I have my MBP closed most of the time. I noticed that when I do close the lid the SYNC option turns off. So I wanted to ask if it would be possible to be able to get the sync data from the Thunderbolt display as that has adaptive brightness based on ambient light. Same as the laptop display. Also when i try and change the brightness in manual mode there seems to be no effect on the thunderbolt display. the OSD shows up and moves up and down but the display brightness stays the same. I have no issues changing the brightness on the dell display.