Ultra realistic moon model with AR

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I just bought three of them! These are amazing.
@cyantist Thanks for backing us! We are going to keep updating more content including landmarks,spacecraft activities and even future exploring simulative missions in App.
@zerlot awesome. Absolutely wonderful idea and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!!
I was lucky enough to get an early version of this model from @zerlot. It's super cool sitting on my desk at work - I've already gotten a few comments :) @zerlot - What inspired you to start making these models?
@mpdaugherty Thanks for your question. We wanted to bring the Moon closer, to bring all of our stargazing dreams into reality. I think it's time to bring 3d printing, augmented reality and smartphone together to make a "real" moon model with endless content in hands.
@zerlot Will you guys do a similar Earth model as well? Would love to buy it.
Forget this nonsense NASA feeds us... Give us an actual image of Antártica, not the lie governments feed us. How is it we have yet to explore antártica and all governments have colluded to keep it off limits...
@androidlove Hi Carlos, I can't tell whether you're serious, so I'll assume you are. You can actually visit Antarctica yourself; a few thousand people do each year. Seeing something in person is a pretty good way to discover truth. A few friends work at Quark Expeditions as Antarctic tour guides. Tickets start at ~$6k:
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@mpdaugherty A person can also visit North Korea but it does not mean you have explored N.K. Wake up and don't be asleep believing everything your fed...
@mpdaugherty @androidlove LOL. Thanks for my morning dose of LOL
does it glow at night ?
@appsapp It doesn't glow, it is a realistic sentific Moon model.
@appsapp Nope, and neither does the moon… 🌚
I don't get why I need the physical object when iOS 11 is released. What's the point?
@theleovogel Some hardcore astronomy fans have interests with the physical object, I think the reason is same as why we buy a telescope to view the moon or night sky when we can view them by naked eyes. And Augmented Reality is a cool technology to bring us more experience, for example, people have fun when they are playing a Pokemon game on console or smartphone, but they still love to play Pokemon Go in real world, same content in different experience.
@theleovogel I think products like this will pair well with AR kit and we will see a lot more in the coming years. Maybe I'm wrong but a lot of analysts agree.