Beautiful paper notebooks with digital courses on drawing


Lunamaker is a paper notebook with digital courses on drawing and sketching. The main idea is to help you develop drawing and sketching skills with only a 10-minute per day commitment.

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Igor Stefurak
Dana Yang
Alla Shamanska
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  • Lucas Glenn
    Lucas GlennUX Designer, FreshGrade

    Great idea


    The website doesn't sell you very well on the courses.

    I'm brimming with questions that the website doesn't seem to answer. How can I apply the skills I develop in a course? What does an example page look like? What are the creators' qualifications? What do people think who have tried the courses? How do I connect with others who are trying the courses?

    The concept has a lot of potential but it's not enough to sell me on the product.

    Lucas Glenn has never used this product.