Lunacy Editor 3.0

Free Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files

#2 Product of the DayMarch 22, 2018

The Icons8 team rolls out a global update for Lunacy, a native Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files. In short, it’s long-awaited Sketch for Windows. It helps design teams working on different operating systems and improves the transition from design to development. It's a beta version. And it’s completely free.

  • Md Zahid
    Md ZahidUX designer wannabe & PC Gamer

    It's on PC! Works like butter.


    Beta. Missing some important features. (But I'm sure they will be fixed soon)

    Some personal opinions: A bit laggy. Also you can not lock something horizontally/ vertically by holding SHIFT. Some expected keyboard shortcuts doesn't exist (like ctlr+L to lock). Zoom-in & out speed could be a bit faster.

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  • Justin Deardorff
    Justin DeardorffHunter/Gatherer of Ideas

    It works on Windows! Opens sketch files, provides CSS and YAML as well as most basic Sketch functionality. Portable version available. FREE


    A bit laggy and keyboard shortcuts are not all the same. It's still in beta though. This will only get better.

    This is still in the early stages but I like what I see so far! As a product manager constantly working with designers, I can now open design files on PC for quick screen views, exports, etc. If that's your primary need this will be perfect!! If you are looking for a full featured Sketch replacement, it's not there quite yet.

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Features of this beta: - Reading any .sketch files of all versions (13 months of testing!) - Automatically downloaded missing Google Fonts - Publishing assets directly to a CDN - Saving .sketch files (alpha) - Inspecting .sketch elements - Showing margins and distances between elements - Organizing Pages and Artboards in your document - Basic typography tool available - Drawing, joining, and aligning vector objects - Exporting assets in PNG and SVG - Exporting CSS and XAML code - Coming July 2018: help porting the functionality of the major Sketch plugins
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Oh man this is amazing, I would pay big money to be able to use this on Linux !
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@sabarasaba thanks man! It is still a beta version, we have a long road ahead to make it better.
@sabarasaba find 1000 more friends with linux and I promise that I try to port Lunacy there)
@sabarasaba @igor_gritsenko1 can I find 1k for you to try to port it to macOS?)
@sabarasaba @inlinecoder will they all want to pay big money either? ;-)
@sabarasaba @igor_gritsenko1 why not? macOS\iOS users are the most paying users, aren't they? I want a Sketch replacement so bad, that I'd work on it for myself. As I mentioned before, I'm so pissed that Sketch-team doesn't fix child bugs and at the same time performance gets worse and worse update to update.
- Automatically downloaded missing Google Fonts This should be native Sketch function. So simple and clever. I don't use Windows, but this software for sure gonna help a lot of people since Sketch is becoming so popular these days. Very nice!
@ariel_jedrzejczak thank you for calling it clever :) I wish we were that clever too, but we've invented it the hard way. First, we've done it traditional way (with an ugly dialog asking for missing fonts) last summer. Then we added a button downloading the fonts automatically sometime in October. Then we thought: wait a moment, we don't need this ugly dialog anymore.
I’d love the same tool for macOS, bc I’m pissed what Sketch-team does in the recent times: shitty features, no bug fixing and performance degradation :( So if you’ve managed to make it work on Windows (hopefully it’s a wrapped webview) — it’s easy to make it work on Apple devices.
@inlinecoder Hi! Since it is a native Windows app it won't be easy to create it for MacOs. Hopefully Sketch creators will fix those bugs and performance degradation soon. And it is not a webview :)
@visualpharm oh I see. Thanks for the response. There’s no hope for Sketch to fix outstanding issues.
@visualpharm Maybe the best move for you would be to switch to Figma?
@vinch or XD, or couple more. Cons: once we switch, we have to leave the Sketch ecosystem, the de-facto standard for design.
@visualpharm Sorry I mentioned you, my comment was meant for @inlinecoder. There are indeed many (new) design tools these days to choose from. The de-facto standard 5 years ago was still Photoshop so I don't think that it would be a problem for designers to adapt to something new. Nevertheless, Sketch is still one of the best design tools out there and I think it's probably here to stay, even though it has some issues (but they all have). Anyway, congrats on the great product and keep up the good work, I'm a big fan of what you guys do at Icons8!
Incredible work here, i am beyond impressed with how far this has come.
@itsnblackburn thank you, thanks a lot!