Lump of Coal

Surprise someone this year with coal and a handwritten card.

This year, we wanted to create something fun to send using Felt. Something that would create magical moments. Naturally we picked coal and a handwritten card. To soften the blow, you can add real cash money. We'll fold a crisp $2, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bill and mail it inside the envelope.

It all comes in one envelop postmarked the North Pole.

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I love these kinds of jokes! What made you want to build this @tomerlikehomer?
@jacqvon We just wanted to give people something new and different. Something they love but haven't seen anywhere else. Over all else, though. We wanted to give people something like this that would make them laugh, create a fun memory and spark a conversation.
Hi Everyone! Nieces, nephews and kids are a great candidate to receive Lump of Coal. So are friends and partners. Hopefully you'll create wonderful memories with Lump of Coal. Have a great holiday season! - Your friends at Felt