Lumoid Wearable Gear

Try 5 wearables at home. Free if you keep at least one.

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Leo Polovets
Leo PolovetsHunter@lpolovets · Partner, Susa Ventures
I've been thinking of buying a wearable for a while now, but I haven't pulled the trigger because I wasn't sure which form factor or UX I would like best. I'm very excited about the ability to try a bunch of different devices at home via Lumoid. (Note: I'm an investor in Lumoid and friends with @aarthir, but the above comment is made as a previously-frustrated consumer, not an investor.)
Will Imholte
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
@aarthir @lpolovets I think that's pretty sensible/doesn't seem biased at all. A week seems like it might be just about enough time to learn if you like the actual hardware, but the software might take longer (and is probably more important)—though maybe that advantage is going away with apps like Health and Validic API.
Benjamin Zanatta
Benjamin Zanatta@benjaminzanatta · Product Designer @ Lima
A really good idea ! Hope this concept will come in Europe one day. But I will prefer an unique price (rent + shipping). In a psychological way, paying shipping fees stop me when I buy something.
Allyson Downey
Allyson Downey@allysondowney · founder,
Awesome for parents who are scaling up their photography skills. Their website has a “Babies” category, so you can peruse top picks for a photo shoot with your little one. Then Lumoid ships your order off, ready to use. Should you decide the camera is a keeper, a portion of your daily rental fee can be put towards a purchase.
Will Imholte
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
Do they really need a modal asking for my email before I can even read the site?
Aarthi Ramamurthy
Aarthi Ramamurthy@aarthir · Founder
@willimholte I know, a bunch of people have brought this up. Fixing it (increasing the amount of time before the dialog shows up). Sorry!