Luminar 3

Photo editing app with AI built in

#4 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2018

The most innovative photo editor made for everyone. With Luminar 3 photo editing can be fun and simple. Over 100 editing features, plus a suite of fast AI-powered technologies under the hood will make any photo stand out while a new Library feature lets you organize, find and rate your images easily.

  • Pros: 

    User friendly, great result, looks cool


    search by keywords

    Instantly! In just one moment I had access to all the photos on my Mac. And it made me realize that there are folders and shoots I thought I got read of years ago.

    I've used Luminar before so I'm kinda used to its editing power (AI filters and LUTs are my favorite) but that libraries thing completely blew my mind. Great job!

    Iryna Sknar has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    AI powered editing tools, easy to use, sync edit adjustments, smart support team


    Updated version looks good, but has lots of things to be fixed

    New Luminar with Libraries is GREAT! Thank you folks at Skylum for the awesome product! For sure, it is not perfect with the first libraries release, but looks like a perfect Lightroom alternative in the nearest future.

    Asia Kolisnichenko has used this product for one year.
Hello to a fantastic PH community. It’s great to be with you again. This year was absolutely crazy, but the team managed to do something almost impossible and release the new Luminar 3 with Libraries on time. Give it a try and let us know what you think. With Luminar we’re building a platform that will give your photos the best treatment: from organization to enhancement to sharing. We love photography, we are driven by innovation and your feedback. So don’t be shy: try Luminar, upvote Luminar, enjoy great photography, love each other and stay awesome.
I joined Skylum team earlier this year because after 12 years of building one of the best photo communities in the world (maker of many cool PH products, like RAW by 500px and 500px 4.0 for iOS), I got to know many players in the industry. And back when my company partnered with Skylum (then called MacPhun), I couldn't have had a better partner — on time, quick, reliable, and excited about community as much as I am. So when I started to have a conversation about joining Skylum, I have talked extensively with the leadership about community, and what it meant for me. I'm so glad I did — the team is honest, hardworking, and deeply cares about users (just read @alex_tsepko manifesto about actionable items to keep community happy and excited). Luminar 3, in a nutshell, also represented the innovative thinking, and the care about photographers who spent so much time and give away too much money to other products, while being continuously frustrated. I'm glad that now photographers all over the world have another option — and great at that — to make their photos truly stand out.
@evgeny_tchebotarev Thank you very much, Evgeny! We are happy to have you in our team. I'm sure we've got a strong team player who can help make our product better and build a wide community of Luminar users in the world.
Wow! Congratulations
@fajarsiddiq Thank you very much, Fajar! We've been working hard to make it happen
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Looks pretty amazing! Will play around with the free trial version
@daniil_kopilevych Hey Daniil, that's really nice to hear! Hope, you'll enjoy playing with Luminar 3.
Looks really promising! A question here: what exactly do you use AI for? I mean, AI is a popular topic right now, and it seems like everybody claims to use it just to win more attention. Where can I find out more about your technology?
@inna_revutska Hey Inna, thank you for your interest! As a company, our mission is to develop AI that helps people with routine editing and gives them new creative tools. Recently, we've added AI Sky Enhancer filter - no more layering, masking, and all the pains that comes with manually editing skies, now all the heavy lifting is done by one slider. You can read more about it here: One more very effective tool - Accent AI filter that allows you to enhance several things in the photo in one click. And there're more to come next year! Please, stay tune, Inna.
@liliia_on Thanks Liliia! So if I get it right, AI Sky Enhancer detects the sky on a photo automatically. What happens if I upload a photo with no sky on it (like a still life pic)? I wouldn't be able to apply this filter?
@inna_revutska Yes, you're right - the filter detects the sky and applies the edits only to this area leaving untouchable other objects in the photo. And if there's no sky so no changes will be made.
@liliia_on gotta try this, thanks :)