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Hey Product Hunters, I'm the co-founder of Lumific and I'm super excited to present to you our new smart photo gallery for Android. Photo management has been a hassle since our phones could take pictures. We're revolutionising it by completely automating three key activities: enhancement, organisation and search. What's next? Powerful search queries that let you find that one photo out of ten thousand, easily. Object, scene and brand recognition powered by state-of-the-art image processing techniques. All on your mobile phone. We're adding cloud backup to your favourite storage services, such as Dropbox and Picasa, and plans are in the works for an iOS version if we get enough traction. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to everyone for checking us out, we really appreciate it!
@jonathandwills This looks amazing! Can't wait for the iOS version to be out. Apple tried doing the sorting feature be honest, it sucks a lot and I doubt many people use it. Also wish they allowed captions for photos.
@tzhongg thanks Tiffany, we really appreciate it! We're really looking forward to bringing Lumific to the iOS community! You can already caption collections of photos in Lumific and soon you will be able to tag and caption individual photos. We are even investigating the possibility of auto-captioning. Watch this space!
@jonathandwills can you tell me about how you address fixed or enhanced photos? Are they saved over or separately, or is there an option for either? I've always hated how things like Picasa leave duplicates lying around or worse, hidden config.ini files that have edit history and rarely transfer with photos across devices.
@colemercer Hi Cole, thanks for the feedback. Currently, enhancements are applied on-the-fly, so aren't stored as separate images on the device. However, when you share an image, we do make a copy and place it in a Lumific folder on your phone. Thanks for the suggestion; we'll be adding an option to replace the original photo with the enhanced photo.
@jonathandwills great work on this. I love taking too many photos but seriously hate going through looking for some photo that I took ages ago in the see of thousands of images. Figuring ways to auto intelligently cull and search through this would be awesome. - So with the image search thats coming soon, will I be able to search say "beach" and it will show me all the shots I've taken that have a beach in it? - What about say "surfboard"? WIll that show up all my surfboard porn? - and you mentioned brand searches - so if I search for Quicksilver it will find all the images of me and friends when wearing Quicksilver shirts with their logo /brand on it?
@mattdickinson Hi Matt, thanks for your comment and questions. The current version that you can download from the Google Play store right now allows you to search for common scene types, beach, city, forest, snow, mountain and a whole bunch more. We also have some general object classes in there too like bike, car, food, flowers etc and we are adding new classes to our models every day. We will make sure 'surfboard' is in the next version :) The cool thing is you can combine the search tags with dates and locations. So you can ask Lumific to find "Food in San Francisco last September" or "Beaches in California and Hawaii in 2012". Lumific will even suggest to you tags that are common throughout your photo collection. It's a really powerful way to rediscover your photos. No more endless scrolling when you want to show your friends your awesome holiday pics. Branded search will be available in the new year but it works exactly the same as the other object and tag search. Soon you will be able to connect Lumific to your cloud storage account and not just search your mobile photos, but the ones you backed up years and years ago. We're really excited about this!