Powerful but dead simple photo editor for iPhone

Powerful but simple & fast photo editor inspired by dozens of top rated apps and professional photographic tools. Unique crop tool, analog film-like filters and a bunch of adjustments to fine tune your photos and support your creativity without hassle.

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Hello everyone 👋 , I'm glad to introduce to you our little (side) baby. 😄 A couple years ago we decided to create own photo editor app because we love subtle and easy to use filters in VSCO but it's UI was (and still is) very confusing. Also, other photo editor apps were surprisingly complicated. Our main goal was simplicity but with some powerful features like RAW format support and histogram. Because we want to cover the case when you - as the photographer - need something post quickly to Instagram. Our story is typically sad, I would say. 😄 We spend a lot of time of night development, no extra time invested in marketing, launching and similar “non-important” stuff. We started as a paid app, but it went really bad (even Lumibee has been promoted several times by Apple). In 2017 we switched to free and tried to forget all our pain. 😬 What changed? After more than a year users found Lumibee somehow without our effort. Pretty magic, but nice. We got many nice reviews in the AppStore. We have a lot of new features in TODO list but no time (money) so we decide to ask our users for support. In the new version, we created brand new filters with a great Czech photographer to try in-app purchases with the pay-as-you-want model. We’ll see what happen. 😅 Pretty exciting time for us. 😊 Your feedback is welcome! Please! 🙏 Tomáš (co-author of Lumibee)
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@topascz I just installed this on my iPhone XS but when I open the app, nothing comes up. The screen is black and only has the Lumibee logo in the middle, News & Tips on the left side, About on the right side.
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@bing111 Thank you very much! We got this bug report from also the different user and I think it's because of a lot of photos offloaded to iCloud and our raw detection gets in trouble then. I will fix it soon.
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@bing111 Thank you again for your bug report. The fixed version of Lumibee (1.7.1) is available in the AppStore. 🎉