Luma Mobile Phone Nightlight

Clip on lampshade for your phone when using it's flashlight

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I dont know if this is genius or ridiculous haha. Although I dont have any lamps in my bedroom so something like this could actually be useful if I wanted to read.
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@bentossell this is genius.
@bentossell definitely genius. This is about a dozen Christmas and birthday presents sorted.
@bentossell this is hilarious to me πŸ˜‚ even though I get the application it's still a teeny tiny cute little lamp! How precious.
@bentossell I didn't know about it until yesterday, haha. I think it would be useful for trips and other things but a build for a bulkier phone case would be a good idea as well.
This is a cool product! It would be ideal if this was sold on passenger airplane flights as an alternative to using the pesky spotlights above the seats which bother neighbouring passengers.. I would thank a person if they pulled this out on a flight instead of using the spotlight alternative. Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
Good idea, bad design... πŸ€”
Would people really leave their phone flash light on all night?
@topcities probably not. But for an hour of reading a book and not distracting anyone around you with a big-ass lamp ... yup.
@topcities I imagine the main use case is probably as a reading light on the go. You likely wouldn't leave it on all night at home, but I might use it for reading in bed before I go to sleep.