Luka 2.0

Messaging app with AI-powered bots



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Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
This is such an interesting pivot! From restaurant recommendations from an AI to a general purpose "platform of bots"...!

I've met Luka's CEO, @ekuyda, and she's super smart. This is a great expansion of the original effort and rather than just providing a platform for other people's bots, Luka now has an army of assistants that can evolve independently, unlocking parallel bot-evolution, and targeted question-response by users. Now you can invite the right bot in a given category to a conversation you're having, instead of relying one universal bot that wouldn't be domain-specific, and therefore potentially prone to confusion.

Congrats to the team — this is an existing launch, with new funding to help them build this out!
Eugenia Kuyda — Luka
@chrismessina Thank you, Chris! Happy to answer any questions. Here is some more info about Luka 2.0 - We are not only opening up Luka and his AI friends to consumers, but also inviting developers to join us building the best messaging experience with bots. Talk to Luka! <3
Dmitry Dumik — CEO at
@ekuyda @chrismessina This is great! Luka was one of my favorite bots and excited to see other bots from the team!
Eugenia Kuyda — Luka
@ddumik @chrismessina Thanks Dima, good job with Chatfuel!
Marc Seitz — CTO at @Hackevents
@ekuyda @chrismessina thanks Chris for sharing, Eugenia congrats on opening up Luka. Looking forward to building bots 😄
Lisa Q. Fetterman — CEO, Nomiku
This is hot magma fire.
Eugenia Kuyda — Luka
@lisaqfetterman Thank you, Lisa!!! <3 <3 <3
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