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Hey all. Jordan from Lugg here. Happy to answer any questions! Lugg instantly connects you to a truck and two movers. Whether your doing an ikea run, a craigslist purchase, or moving apartments you should never have to worry about needing a truck. Oh and stop bothering that one friend that does have a truck. ;) Thanks for having us on here!
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@jordanbrown Hey Jordan -- I sent this to my wife and below is her instinctual initial reaction. No need to answer here, but always find it helpful to understand 1st ux and I think the below is a snapshot into the mind of the 30yo newly married female. hope this helps. best, andy "That's awesome! Any probs with stealing? Background check issues? You know, a la uber?"
@bootstrapnyc hey Andrew thanks for sharing! Yes we background and vet every mover/truck owner onto the system. It's definitely something we aren't taking lightly.
@bootstrapnyc @jordanbrown Hey Jordan! I've been working on software that helps automate a lot of the applicant screening process for on-demand companies (including the bg checks!). Would love to get in touch and see if we can help!
I could have used this over the weekend picking up random furniture pieces. Definitely going to check this out for the next move.
Could use this in NYC right now!
@KristoferTM sad and happy at the same time! We see you NYC
@KristoferTM @jordanbrown +1 for NYC in a big way. I am going to move 2/1 and will likely use FlatRate fwiw. Love the name!
CLV has got to be fairly low? It's more a one time transaction than an Uber-like relationship. How often do people need movers.
@brackin Was thinking this too. Although 'moving' doesn't always have to mean 'moving all my stuff' I suppose, the same way Uber begged the 'how many people use black cars regularly' question early on.
@dshan @brackin yeah we've actually done more Lugg's that are craigslist and ikea/west elm purchases.
@brackin @jordanbrown Indeed! I poked around a bit more - you're almost wedging a major CL/Taskrabbit use case. Great idea.
@dshan yes - exactly!
Thought this said Uber for Movies at first and got very confused hah