Dating app for your social network

Why match with random people when you already know who you like?

With Lucid you can find and secretly like people you know from your school, dorm, and social network. They won't know you like them unless it's a match!

When the feeling is mutual, it should be simple.

  • Josh Lilien
    Josh LilienDigital Marketer

    The gap in Tinder has always been the long term connection. Lucid bridges that by building off your existing crushes.


    Anonymous invites!

    I downloaded Lucid when I noticed my crush was on there, I now call her my girlfriend :)

    Josh Lilien has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Amazing way to connect with romantic interests in your personal network


    My crush isn't on the app...yet

    Excited to see this grow!

    Zachary Friedman has used this product for one month.
Hey everyone! ✌️Thanks for hunting us, @kristofertm Michael Ding and I are the co-founders of Lucid, and we are super excited to share what we’ve been working on. We would love to hear your feedback and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Lucid is a dating app for your social network. You can secretly like people you know, and match if they like you back. We realized that most students don’t want to be introduced to strangers, and it’s because they already know who they like. They see them on campus, at parties, on their news feed, and talk to them every day. So, we built a dating app that’s exclusive to the people you already know.
Interesting Idea. I wonder where it collects your friends list from social networks.
Hey @sebastiangodel right now we show you people from Facebook, your school, and dorm. We are working on more ways to show you people you know!