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Colin Whooten
@cwhooten · Product Guy
I'm with @triplejberger, this is shockingly similar to except it's a different language. Curious if Product Hunt has a clear position on how to handle situations like this?
@nathantbernard · CEO @ Lrn
@cwhooten You can see what we said about this topic yesterday with @triplejberger. As we said, there were many inspirations for the app, one of them being Swifty, a product we deeply respect. We don't agree that these apps are similar, we'd say keep watching both our products iterate and progress :)
Karsten Gresch
@gresch · hacker::lawyer::father::founder
@cwhooten @nathantbernard @triplejberger So far the only differences I can see are a) different programming language b) slightly different design (font, colors). But all the details (entering values through bubbles, displaying results, chapter organization => the entire UX) are 1:1 Swifty. I wonder which >>details<< come from DuoLingo, Code Hour et al??? As I cannot see how Codeacadamy, Codeschool, Duolingo influenced Lrn so far (no gamification or platform element), in my opinion it would be at least more than fair giving full credit to Swifty at least in the Medium article and, more importantly, in the app itself. That said, we all know that the product value not lies in the idea, but in the execution. If Lrn manages establishing a mobile gamified platform for learning to program, that'd be completely different to Swifty focussing on a single language.