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Colin Whooten@cwhooten · Product Guy
I'm with @triplejberger, this is shockingly similar to except it's a different language. Curious if Product Hunt has a clear position on how to handle situations like this?
NB@nathantbernard · CEO @ Lrn
@cwhooten You can see what we said about this topic yesterday with @triplejberger. As we said, there were many inspirations for the app, one of them being Swifty, a product we deeply respect. We don't agree that these apps are similar, we'd say keep watching both our products iterate and progress :)
Karsten Gresch@gresch · hacker::lawyer::father::founder
@cwhooten @nathantbernard @triplejberger So far the only differences I can see are a) different programming language b) slightly different design (font, colors). But all the details (entering values through bubbles, displaying results, chapter organization => the entire UX) are 1:1 Swifty. I wonder which >>details<< come from DuoLingo, Code Ho… See more