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Johannes Berger@triplejberger · Co-founder & CEO, Mimo
Hey there makers! Love the concept! Really do! But wait! I think I have seen this somewhere. Yeah this looks like my app Swifty ( The main menu, the chapter menus, even the code view and the output view looks exactly like my app. Even some of the text looks like my text. I wonder how much creativity went into your app.
NB@nathantbernard · CEO @ Lrn
@triplejberger We're big fans of Swifty and it was definitely one of the many inspirations we found when putting together a mobile solution. Don't think any of the content would be similar to you guys though! This is just a V1 for us, excited to see where you guys and ourselves go in the future! Happy to chat sometime as well.
Emmanuel Aremu@earemu · Digital Marketing Exec
@triplejberger shots fired
Johannes Berger@triplejberger · Co-founder & CEO, Mimo
@earemu @triplejberger "it was definitely one of the many inspirations" - looks like it. Don’t get me wrong here. I really want more people to learn how to code. What bugs me is that everything looks exactly the same. Everything.
NB@nathantbernard · CEO @ Lrn
@triplejberger You are entitled to your opinion of course, but we are huge fans of apps like Codecademy: Code Hour, Swifty, Duolingo & Code School and they all contributed to the product design! I don't see any content overlap between us, we are both doing unique, interesting ideas. We will always hold Swifty in the highest regards :)
Ben Wheeler@benjiwheeler · Developer, independent
@triplejberger This is an interesting question that the indy video game community has had to address and continues to address. Whether or not this particular example crosses a line of similarity, it would be helpful for @producthunt to comment on whether they feel there is a line beyond which they would not be comfortable promoting an app. Has this been an i… See more
Mary Green@marygreenim · online marketing strategist
@nathantbernard @triplejberger It's interesting to think there is no content overlap if the coding and design is quite similar. Coding is content (in my mind) and design definitely is content- see logo trademarks. I guess what I'm saying is it's better to tred the line of inspiration/copy by avoiding it.
Ace Green@acegreen1989
@triplejberger Though I see the similarities in term of UI and such, its main function is different. This app targets JS developers while yours targets SWIFT. I already downloaded your app because I love SWIFT. Unless of course you hold a patent on the UI design or think this apps developer somehow got a hold of your source code. Speaking of your app Swift… See more
Simone Brunozzi@simon · VP, Chief Technologist
@nathantbernard @triplejberger I can't believe this answer. Are you serious?