The loyalty scheme chatbot.

Loyalty is the loyalty scheme chatbot. An emoji based chatbot redefining the loyalty scheme . No cards. No apps. Just rewards.

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Hey all, Myself and my friend Josh were frustrated with paper based loyalty card schemes, and we hated downloading numerous merchant specific apps to gain their rewards. These apps would rarely be used and unnecessarily take up space on our home screens. That's when we thought of Loyalty, a chatbot based loyalty scheme, eliminating the need for paper cards and merchant specific loyalty apps. The emoji based chatbot makes it fun collecting stamps, and the super simple UX makes it a breeze to redeem them. We're aiming to launch with a handful of merchants soon, so sign up for the beta via the website if you would like first dibs on a username πŸ•ΊπŸΌ. We would love to know what you think of the idea πŸ‘πŸΌ.
Hey, this looks pretty cool. One thing that jumped out at me was your use of the word "scheme" I feel like it has somewhat of a negative connotation in North America.
@martinsitar1 Hey Martin, great point. What would you say is a better alternative? πŸ€”. I am genuinely interested to know, as we're based in the UK and nearly all Loyalty services refer to their offering as 'schemes' πŸ˜….
@martinsitar1 @nagra__ Program is a better word... I think you've definitely identified a pain-point. Trying to visualize how your solution works. So I'm at a shop, place an order and get rewarded by giving the merchant my username which they quickly search and click on something? It's a bit hard to follow... This is somewhat similar to Belly (now Hatch.. has pivoted or recalibrated recently), or FiveStars, which I like the ease of as a consumer... but which also doesn't seem to have caught on with lighting speed or anything. Like I said, as a consumer, I get the pain point and desire a solution. As a retail/restaurant professional... loyalty is super important , but if I'm a big enough/popular enough chain I'd rather build my own app. While it might be a bit painful to my customers, if its done well customers will download or otherwise use. Using some American chains as examples, Panera (I never have to login or download anything, just give them my phone number), Starbucks (a not ubiquitous app), Modern Market (very well designed, easy to use, order, pay, scan, collect rewards, etc.), Dominos (pizza was a big early mover in mobile order, payment, loyalty). Using their own apps lets them understand and control data, test rewards, couponing, etc. Worst case scenario as a consumer, I download, throw it into a folder somewhere deep in the back of my phone, and do a quick search when needed. If its someplace I only go to occasionally, I care less about rewards anyway. Also, brick and mortar retail/restaurant is a lower margin business, which makes selling enterprise software products to them difficult and hard to scale... unless you get some of the larger chains on board... which as I noted is hard because at that point they want to build their own independent app. So again, understand the pain point, get the twist with AI, emojis, etc. just pointing out this is a tough business model. Go for it and good luck!!
@martinsitar1 @jeremyz123 some great points. Honestly, thanks for all the information πŸ‘, it will help us shape the product. So basically, there are three main steps: 1. Go to the shop and place the order as normal. 2. The merchant asks for your username and finds you on their list of subscribed customers (via the web) 3. They select the appropritate emoji next to your name e.g. β˜•οΈ and that basically increments your count for that program. Once you've achieved the amount of stamps required, you will be sent a link via the messaging app you're using e.g. iMessage, Facebook Messenger etc. This will let you redeem the reward. This links to a web page showing a code which you show to the merchant who would verify the reward by tapping it. Our offering is definitely targeted at the small / medium sized businesses. The aim is to actually make the whole experience as easy as possible for both customer and merchant, hence removing the need for getting an app built or cards printed. Eventually the merchant will be able to control the whole program from their mobile phone as well i.e. from the chat app of their choice. For instance, they will be able to stamp users by sending a message like '@jeremyz β˜•οΈ', and this would increment the stamp count on your account, just like the web portal would. We're hoping to make loyalty more fun, accessible and seamless πŸ‘. I hope I've answered all your questions, but if there's anything I've missed, please let me know πŸ˜ƒ.
@nagra__ Yeah I was also going to say program is a lot more common, no negative connotations.
The idea is cool and smart! But I'm missing some fundamental aspecys: how do you integrate with cashier machine of the shop/cafe? I mean, how can you prove the purchase, in order to trigger the points attribution? Thanks
@guidoarata hey thanks for the question. There will be a simple web interface for the merchants to log into. It will be a single page displaying a list of users who have subscribed to their loyalty schemes. The merchant can then simply add 'stamps' by tapping the relevant scheme emoji e.g. β˜•οΈ for coffee next to the relevant username e.g. @guido. The user is automatically subscribed to all of the merchant schemes the first time they message the merchant's username to the bot e.g. when @guido sends '@kai'. Hope that answers your question. I would love to know any further thoughts you may have have πŸ‘πŸΌ.