Love Your Work w/ David Kadavy - Jason Fried

Product design, customer development, & contrarian thinking

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Jason Fried of Basecamp (formerly 37 Signals) shares his wisdom on cutting through the noise to find your own voice. There are some great nuggets in here about design, and how to be a contrarian thinker. This will be a great episode for entrepreneurs, whether they're experienced, or relatively new. Also, this is the FIRST EPISODE of Love Your Work! Please subscribe, and leave us a review to help us get featured in the iTunes "New and Noteworthy" section.

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David Kadavy
Host, Love Your Work podcast
Hey Product Hunt! This is the VERY FIRST episode of my new podcast, and I'm very excited about it. I want to bring you more great guests, like Jason, so it would be a HUGE help if you can take a second to rate or review it on iTunes[1]. If the show gets good ratings early on, it will be ranked in the "New and Noteworthy" section, which will, of course, bring in more listeners. More listeners means more great guests! 1.