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This reminds me of the movie 'The Holiday' - swapping homes when travelling! Could be a really interesting adventure!!
@bentossell This is a space I've been thinking a lot about. There are tons of variables that have to align in order to swap, and a trust factor that the person you're going to swap with isn't going to trash your place. I think it's one of the long term uses for Horizon that we'll see, but haven't been focused on that scenario so far.
If I can swap with Cameron Diaz's California home, I'm all over it! Hope she likes cats!
@caprihiggins haha Im glad you know my movie reference
Love the concept! I'm intrigued how all the moving parts around "swapping homes" work. There just seems to be a lot to be right for it to work at scale.
@as_austin not sure much more would be a hurdle than Airbnb is, realistically
@bentossell my experience with home swapping is limited to trying to make it work and it not happening largely due to 1) can't coordinate schedules for a simultaneous swap 2) confusion by the other party on what is "equivalent" real estate (i.e. 5 BR family home in suburban Midwest vs my 1BR on the UES in NYC).
@bentossell I think there would be extra hurdles around finding two people/families wanting to swap places at the same time (scheduling). I find the chance that a family in Chicago swapping with a family in Florida and aligning things like (house size, flights, timing, etc.) to be a small target to hit. Every time I use Airbnb the use case is quite different (spare room, shared room, private house) and the owners don't usually go far away. I'm sure there are times where this may work (festivals, conferences, etc.) and definitely intrigued to see how it all plays out!
To overcome the issue of timing, house sizes, etc. you could do cross swaps. You could do it by creating something called a swap basket. Instead of swapping your house you put it in the basket and pick another one from it.
@zazaalaza There are a number of house swap networks that do exactly what you mention around points already..
Love the concept just curious how much background research is done... I understand it's like Airbnb but I also know there are some issues with that.