LOOP Messenger

Group messaging: Shut up endless notifications

LOOP Messenger reduces noise, keeps your conversations organized and keeps you in the loop with your friends, family, coworkers, distributed workforces, greek life, networks, clubs, and teams without the endless notifications.

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Hello Product Hunt, Since exiting my previous company, PhoneDog Media, 4 years ago, I’ve been pursuing the creation of a defining product in the messaging/social space. So far I’m 0 for 2 (iM5 and Suggest It) and maybe the 3rd time will be the charm. LOOP is intended to be a direct replacement for GroupMe, Facebook Groups, many of your iMessage groups, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik etc. It’s an ideal platform for friends, family, distributed workforces, coworkers, greek life, study groups, networks, clubs, teams and more. LOOP solves all the problems of existing group messengers with features such as: strong notification controls (so it won’t piss you off with endless notifications), organized threaded conversations with nested comments (so it’s organized), easy discoverability of groups, powerful permissions for group admins, and more, all within a simple UI design. The Premium in-app upgrade package ($2.99/year) offers an additional 4 features. We’re offering all Product Hunters LOOP Premium for 1 year at no cost - just sign-up for the offer at loopmessenger.com/producthunt We look forward to seeing you in the LOOP. Search for and join us in the #PHCommunity group to test-drive the app with us.

Thank god someone designed a product fro "group chat lovers" that loves to turn anything into a instant messaging group!

And to top that off they are focusing on the most annoying part of group messaging: notifications!

Good luck guys! It, maybe, will be hard to make this become "a thing" but i'll for sure share with everyone! :)


Focus on group messaging


Maybe it will be hard to become "a thing"

There doesn't appear to be enough unique features to make it interesting. I do like how the UX looks purpose driven and not gimmicky like Islands and some other group messaging apps that try to be hip and cool.
@gradx Sometimes the features seem subtle at first, and only through use are the true benefits are realized. You could make this case for Slack > Hipchat, gmail > previous email, facebook > My Space, and even Group Me having a clear use of SMS Groups. Thanks for the feedback and compliments on the UI. Our goal is 100% utility 1st approach and only add in cool features when they enhance group communication.