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Loop Email’s Shared inbox makes team work on public email accounts such as info@ or support@ simple and painless. Share the workload by assigning incoming emails, discussing emails with your team via side-chat and have an overview of all conversations.

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17 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunt! Thank you for having us again and thanks @bramk for hunting us! We’re excited to be back with a fresh solution for all teams who are overwhelmed with emails. All the feedback we got during our last launch was invaluable and helped us develop an app we believe will make teamwork on email easier and more efficient. Loop Email’s Shared Inbox is a place where all your team communication (external and internal emails, chats and attachments) lives. Now it comes with an added bonus - you can work together on emails in public accounts (such as info@, support@, sales@...) with greater clarity, complete control and much, much less mess. All that is packed in a single, user friendly app you can use on desktop or on mobile. Loop Email Shared inbox in a nutshell: It lets you assign emails to people (aka no more shouting “Who’s answering this email?” across the office floor) As a result, you always know what’s going on in the inbox you share with others (aka say goodbye to “OMG, I thought we already replied to that client” panic attacks) You can chat about a specific email RIGHT UNDER it (aka no more switching between email and whatever chat app/collaboration tool) We’ve talked to numerous businesses and got valuable feedback on our Shared inbox and now, we would love to hear it from you, Product hunters! Let us know what you love, what you miss, and what we could improve in the comments section. We’re forever grateful! All the best, Jerry Head of Growth at Loop

Will greatly recommend to all my friends and colleagues. Great work!


Shared inbox! This feature saved me countless hours. And loops. You don’t know you need them until you’ve used them.


Android version is still being developed to be on par with iOS one. More customizable sidebar. Other than that no complaints.

Thanks Tilen, great feedback, thank you. We are close to launching an Android app too - you can sign up on our website to get notified when we do.

I can just look at my shared inbox and know what I have to deal with instantly instead of checking (or sometimes not checking) with my coworkers who is on top of what. And the chat around email feature saves me from forwards on top of forwards.


The assigned to me feature is amazing! I instantly know what is assigned to me.


There is no snooze.

@jkaja thanks for the feedback! Snoozing is actually one of the most requested features from our existing users and is already in our product roadmap. It should be coming out in a couple of weeks.
This looks like a nicely executed product + competitive pricing. Congrats!
@jmarovt thanks for the feedback - the whole team worked hard for this!
Love the concept, but how is this better/different than Front?
@tilenkrivec great question, thank you. We started Loop as your personal email client and further developed it into a team inbox. That said - our biggest difference to Front is that it completely allows you to integrate Loop into your own personal working environment. Feature wise, with Loop you can have side chat discussions with other people on emails. For example: you get a new email inquiry about pricing from some customer. Since you need to talk about pricing with your manager, you don't need to forward the email to talk about it with other people. You can just share it by looping in a friend and initiate a conversation. No one on that particular email will be able to see your internal discussion.