Loomly 3.0

A social media calendar to help you make better content

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2019

Loomly is the social media calendar tool that helps marketing teams create better content, faster:

1. Create posts with a wizard-style interface.

2. Review and approve posts as a team, thanks to automated mockups.

3. Schedule, target and boost posts natively.

4. Respond to comments from your audience (fans & followers).

5. Measure your success.

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42 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunters, Thibaud (pronounce "Tebow") from the Loomly Team here: it's the middle of the night in my time zone and I am up to answer any question you may have 😉 I first built Loomly back in 2015 to make my spouse Noémie's job easier — and save her from a nightmare-inducing, spreadsheet-based process — and it somehow grew into a 10-person company serving more than 3,000 teams around the world: 👍 Loomly is a collaborative social media planning tool that helps marketing teams of all size create, approve and publish better content, faster. 🙏 It works just as well for in-house marketing teams as for agency/freelancers and their clients. 🆕 Loomly 3.0 introduces a brand-new user interface, Slack integration, custom roles and multiple assignments. From Day 1, when I was prototyping Loomly for Noémie, until today, as we speak with hundreds of users every day, feedback has been driving our roadmap and telling us what to build. We would love to know how you like this new interface and features and how we can keep making the platform better. You can try Loomly for free for 15 days (no credit card required): https://www.loomly.com/15-day-fr... Thank you so much for your consideration 😊
@thibaudclement I just love the story, and will definitely look into loomly when we get serious about social media Do you also do content queues with release times? Just curious
@elfitz_ thank you very much for your kind words, this is much appreciated. 🙏😊 At this very moment, we do not support content queues, but we are in the process of building a Queue feature. The current ETA for that feature is April. Please let me know if I can help with anything when you try Loomly.

As a digital media manager, I've used a lot of social media management software. I've used Loomly for a short time but already like it best. Seems like new features are added regularly, and the customer service via web contact form was quick and helpful.


Master calendar view + labels; template post content across channels; photo galleries; themed post ideas. Great customer service.


Look forward to when Loomly can post directly to Instagram without needing to go through Buffer.

@mjdicker thank you so much for your review, this is incredibly useful. I am really glad to read that you are enjoying Loomly so far and that we are able to provide you with a nice experience on the support side. We are doing everything we can to bring native scheduling to Loomly as soon as possible. I confirm that we have many new features coming very soon, including major updates. Please let me know if I can help with anything 🙏
This platform looks pretty amazing. One question though, will it work (inspiration, suggestions, etc.) for social media channels with content in other languages other than English?
@jorge_dieguez thank you very much for your comment, your kind words and your questions🙏 The platform is only available in English for now, but: • Post Ideas that are built into the app cover events & celebrations worldwide, and you can connect RSS feeds in any language as well as pull Twitter Trends from anywhere in the world. • Post Optimization Tips are not based on language, so you should be fine 😉 I hope this makes sense and helps. Please let me know if I can help with anything, either here in the comments or over email at thibaud@loomly.com Have a fantastic day 👍

Really loving Loomly. I work with a small marketing team - we were on Hootsuite and I did an extensive trial of pretty much all the social media management platforms out there and Loomly is a real breath of fresh air. It's far better featured and organised than Hootsuite and offers far better segregation of posts - I can easily create different calendars and reports based on different areas of my buiness and use tags to separate further. I think it's far more focused than others and they keep adding cool new features and updates to the interface etc. And best of all, it's far better value than the likes of Hootsuite and Social Sprout. I'd seriously recommend Loomly as the first platform to try to anyone looking to manage their social media effectively.


Price, features, continual development, easy segregation and reporting of posts across accounts, ease of use, reporting


Can't think of any at the moment

@jsdotoliver thank you so much for your kind review, this means the world to us.
I tried a lot of tools to get rid of boring things with social media management and community management. Some did well but not enough, some were too expensive, some were not so easy to use ! One day I had the opportunity to try Loomly 🌟🌟🌟 Now : All my collaborators are using it everyday, All my customers have adopted it (even if they do not know, we are working with Loomly 😂). It is more than just a tool ! It helps me saving a lot of time back and forward with my customers ! If you need any informations about it, please feel free to contact me ! Just to let you know : I have no money in the Loomly company ! I am just a simple and very happy user ! Love it and it is improving very often ❤
@emmanuel_devys thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your support. My entire team is honored and grateful to be allowed to help you.