Loom for Gmail

You can now send quick videos via Gmail. (Prev Openvid) 🎥 ✉️

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The folks at Openvid just rebranded and updated their awesome Chrome extension to work seamlessly within Gmail. Pretty sweet update to an already sweet (and super useful) product. If you haven't started making Quick Videos with Loom yet, make sure you check it out. I use it daily! (And it really is faster than typing =)
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@hnshah Ooooooooo nice I want to see the puppy though
@bentossell @hnshah hahaha come over sometime and she would be happy to roll around and play with you. :-P
@_shahedk YASSSS! Great work you guys
Hey, Product Hunt! 😀 Thanks @hnshah for the hunt! Some big updates have rolled out since Openvid 2.0 back in September (comments, analytics, descriptions, password protection, etc etc). The most obvious one being our new name! Our amazing and selfless power users spent many hours talking to us on how we can improve remote & distributed teams workflows. Many of our users told us their granular discussions with teammates sits in Slack, but a majority of all other communications still happened in their email. We wanted to enable more efficient and effective communication in a somewhat antiquated experience––so today, we're announcing the launch of Loom's Gmail integration. You can now create and share Quick Videos directly from your Gmail inbox. It's faster than typing up a response and adds quite a bit of personality. Let us know what you think and please give us your feedback in the comments below! Ask us anything! 💬 Shout out to the boys @paulius_dragunas @vhmth @joethomas_x
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@_shahedk @hnshah @paulius_dragunas @vhmth @joethomas_x Awesome rebrand, love the new name and really digging the salmon color! Excited to start seeing videos in my inbox -- thanks for making the video capture experience so effortless and easy to use :)
@mohsin585 Thanks! Appreciate that! With this rebrand we really tried to bring the user experience together to set the base for our product going forward as a communication platform.
Excellent team with a super easy to use product. Great if you do sales or customer service! Also pretty fun for sending your friends messages. Joe does this to me all the time, never ceases to crack me up. Keep up the good work guys!
@danielsing3r thanks Daniel! You are the most millenial person I know, so I know that you actually enjoy our videos/snaps/tweets/whatevers. :-P
Also, from Day 1, Loom has been my favorite on-boarding process. Love it.
@eytanbuchman thanks Eytan! It's funny because, as a product maker, you're constantly thinking about how to make your onboarding and other user flows better. Good to know that it's still good for some right this second. :-) How do you think we could do better?
Hey PH peeps! Thought I would provide a breakdown of some of the things we've shipped over the last couple of weeks. Might be useful for you beta users who have been with us to but haven't kept up-to-date on what we've been shipping. :-) * Gmail link expanding (Loom links expand to thumbnails) * Gmail inline videos (Loom thumbnails expand to inline videos in email threads so you never have to leave your inbox) * Camera tab following (your camera bubble follows you tab-to-tab when recording) * Videos play inline in iMessage