Seamless screen, mic, and camera recording for Chrome


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  • Adelaida Diaz-Roa
    Adelaida Diaz-RoaCo-founder @ Nomo FOMO

    Easy to use, FREE, unlimited videos, can take notes , and many other things.


    None! They are working on new updates and features that they share on their roadmap, it's awesome.

    Best thing ever. I use it a lot when product testing, it's so much easier to explain when I find a bug to our developers, also works great for recording calls and doing demos or tutorials.

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  • Patrick Barnes
    Patrick BarnesCofounder and CEO of Advocately

    The best way to communicate with customers!


    There are a couple of bugs with the chrome extension. The desktop version is out soon and will and solve this :)

    I use loom to create screen recordings to send to customers who use our software. It is the best way to answer customers questions about how to do something with a software product. Far superior to explaining via email or with support articles. Not only is it better, it is faster! Yes, it is faster to use Loom's chrome for a screen recording walking the customer through the process than it is to type an email instructing them. Love Loom.

    Patrick Barnes has used this product for one year.
  • Tom Limongello
    Tom LimongelloProduct @ Quotient

    I like that all the tools-screencasting, video camera, markup and link sharing are all rolled into one.


    The markup tool doesn't have shapes, only a pencil.

    Generally a pencil tool, though flexible is too hard to use and doesn't look good no matter how good you get at wielding it. I would likely not use the pencil tool for external communications - that would only suffice for internal explanations, not professional demos.

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  • Rick Grago
    Rick GragoVisionary Member, Radiate Inc

    Intuitive interface, Great UX, trimming ability, ease of use


    They are definitely a top option

    I use Loom for customer interactions, instructional purpose and screen recording for training. What most ppl miss are the TONS of use cases for this amazing solution! For example, do you have a "callout" that needs more insight for users/customers on a PDF document you are sharing? Rather than using the comment feature, why not share the callout by using Loom? In my experience, MANY customers are apprehensive to even open a doc with comments for fear they may make a mistake or delete content, etc. By opening a PDF in a Chrome tab and then using the Loom video to call out or clarify/elaborate on certain points, everyone is on the same page--literally! Great solution with lots of use cases!

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  • Pros: 

    Simple, cheap


    Not much

    Simply great, super useful - can't wait for an iOS version

  • Vince McConville
    Vince McConvilleAdvisor, Consiliosa

    It is really simple to use & has saved me loads of time


    No any I've come across so far

    The Loom team are constantly striving to develop the product and are very responsive to feedback

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  • Emily Kellert
    Emily Kellerttech lover & travel freak & tractive PM

    easy to use, clean design


    none now

    Really love this tool! Easy to set up and use.

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  • Virginia Fiume
    Virginia FiumeGrowth and Product Marketing Manager

    Easy to use


    Force you to record videos (sometimes a screenshot is enough) / could use an app for mobile

    I was always freaking out sending screenshots, and email sequences. Now it is very easy to record short "how to" or show bugs to the dev team.

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  • Maisha L. Cannon
    Maisha L. CannonTechnology enthusiast.

    Ease of use, practicality, quality, options...


    Not a one.

    Love this product so much, esp. as a remote employee. Loom for the win!

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  • Craig Cherlet
    Craig CherletEntrepreneur, Technologist & Marketer

    Easy to setup and use


    Video Quality not 100%

    I really like how easy this screen cast tool is to use. Once installed in Chrome, creating a video is a snap.

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  • Kevin Isom
    Kevin IsomDeveloper

    Easy to use and reliable


    None, they are best in class.

    Such an amazing service. I recommend them to everyone.

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  • Ruth
    RuthCo-founder of Stilyo- apps for Shopify

    Easy to use, simple and easy to share recoreded videos


    Slightest internet connectivity issues can lose viddo

    Great app! Very useful for filmed tutorials, team training and anything else involving screen sharing

    Ruth has used this product for one year.