Loom 2.0

One-click screen recorder. Now w/ trimming & emoji reactions


It's never been easier to record and share videos at home.

Open Chrome on desktop to record a Loom video—keep your clients up to date, build and maintain your company's culture, and easily provide product feedback to your team.

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  • Tom Fitch
    Tom FitchFounder at hirepool.io

    Easy to install and use. Easy to share videos. Videos are available immediately. Intuitive UI. Useful features like timestamped comments.



    I've been using Loom for a long time to share regular internal updates with my team. I'm an engineer and having an easy way to share videos, with my voice over, of new features and bug fixes is great. It's easy and an awesome flow that improves our communication and keeps everyone involved.

    We use Loom for customer facing content as well. We've created how to videos that we share via email or Intercom and users love them. We're now starting to embed videos in a library to help with user education.

    Loom's making all of this easier. Loom is one of the top two apps we use that helps us as a startup, right there with Intercom.

    Tom Fitch has used this product for one year.
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  • vipul mishra
    vipul mishraCo-founder & CEO, CanvasFlip.com

    Easy to use, Does what it says


    Yet to find

    Great tool, been using Loom almost from day-1. After making over 1,000 videos I feel Loom a critical part of my daily workflow to share brief for my team and much more..

    vipul mishra has used this product for one year.
  • Menachem Pritzker
    Menachem PritzkerCEO, TheHomeFixers

    love it. I use this almost exclusively for communicating bug reports to my developer



    I also use it for onboarding new users, recording quick personalized welcome videos, and answer their questions with how-to screencaps in our user dashboard

    Menachem Pritzker has used this product for one year.
  • Vaclav Bedrich
    Vaclav BedrichFounder @ CzechCrunch.cz & Bold92

    – Easy to use interface

    – Fast & smooth processing

    – Ability to share the password protected links to videos


    – The video quality still have its limits (blurry on retina)

    – Unavailability of picking the specific part to record

    I've been looking for a long time for a similar solution and Loom finally meets my expectations when it comes to the smooth video recording. The only con I can name so far is the video quality and also unavailability of choosing the specific part of the screen to record.

    Vaclav Bedrich has used this product for one day.
  • Preet Arjun Singh
    Preet Arjun SinghFounder, DesignX.Community

    Super easy to get going, no watermarks, easy export feature


    none as of now!

    Loom was the only video recording tool + browser extension I came across that let me record for free, without any watermarks. The export/download video feature was also really helpful for my usecase.

    Preet Arjun Singh has used this product for one month.
  • Colleen B Thomas
    Colleen B ThomasCivil Engineer

    easy, clean, visual communication


    getting coworkers to watch the videos, wish it had keystrokes

    I work with Autocad and we have a fair amount of tech staff with us. Loom is such an easy way to show how to do something on your computer. Compared to other screen recorders I've found it cleaner on my larger running programs. Also the ability to file my videos is prime.

    Colleen B Thomas has used this product for one year.
  • Daksh Chhokra
    Daksh ChhokraGrowth Hacker, Omnify Inc.

    Absolutely amazing to create short videos for the knowledge base for the scheduling platform(Omnify) I work for. Easy & intuitive.


    Low bitrate video and a consistent ~25% crash rate on Google Chrome on a Mac Book Air.

    Apart from the reliability especially for "tab view only" videos, Loom is perfect. Because of the new editing feature I no longer to export the videos to a third party editor to edit. This will greatly accelerate my workflow which is awesome.

    I honestly don't care a lot about the emojis, but I really like the quick notifications you get when someone performs any action on the video.

    I did get to use all these features in the EAP and truly appreciate the effort by the lovely guys and girls at Loom and this is a truly great plugin.

    Daksh Chhokra has used this product for one year.
  • Johnathan Holland
    Johnathan HollandI truly obsess over helping others..

    I use loom to send investor pitches (at scale) and to build training on our online product for my team. It's incredible!


    Hard to find a con.

    Loom is great for doing educational videos for content, doing investor full pitches and sending it out instead of sending just a deck, building training processes for your team, doing your vlog videos, and the list goes on. Very valuable product.

    Johnathan Holland has used this product for one year.
  • Alex Chaidaroglou
    Alex ChaidaroglouCo-Founder of Altosight.

    Ease of use, freemium, easy to set up, simply wonderful



    I have used Loom to show colleagues or friends some how-to's and it has worked impressively well, with tremendous ease of uploading and quickness too. Simply amazing!

    Alex Chaidaroglou has used this product for one year.
  • Arpit C
    Arpit CCommunity and Growth at Integromat

    Super easy to use, clutter-free interface, great sharing capability and of course FREE!


    Haven't tried the new version but couldn't hide the icons on the bottom left earlier.

    Been using it for personal use mainly to record product demos and video tutorials and it works like a charm. Was really missing the trimming feature coz mistakes are bound to happen when recording anything longer than 2-3 minutes so now looking forward to using that.

    Arpit C has used this product for one year.
  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav SharmaEntrepreneur

    Easy to use: Start recording with one click, end with another click.

    Allows videos to be saved as mp4

    Best part is its free to use :)


    Recordings of your desktop/entire screen will result in slightly lower quality because more pixels have to be recorded.

    Overall: With its modern user interface (UI), the software is really easy to use and works every time. With a Chrome extension and a seamless Gmail integration, the plugin is conveniently there when you need it.

    Gaurav Sharma has used this product for one year.
  • Zach Snader
    Zach SnaderVC/PM | Citizen of the universe, c. 1991

    - Easy to use

    - Easy to share

    - Perfect for a video library

    - Still free?!?!


    - Still missing a few key features (house highlight, controlled area recording)

    Our team loves Loom. It's made our communication with customers a much more intimate process. Not only is it easy to use, Loom also encourages sharing and communicating in new ways. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Zach Snader has used this product for one year.
  • Jim bunker
    Jim bunkerCeo Exponential Growth LLC.

    It is so easy to use and the people are hyper responsive. It has saved me tons of time not typing but shooting a loom video.


    I have not seen any.

    If you are not currently using loom and sharing it with your friends, family, associates, and employees you are wasting their time and productivity as well.

    Jim bunker has used this product for one year.
  • Baris Ozturk
    Baris OzturkCo-founder Stuzenter friend in study

    Great UX, very responsive support team, easy to use, loving the Gmail integration!


    Minor bugs come up when chrome updates however the team is very responsive to feedback and work quickly on getting bugs squashed!

    Love it so far!

    Here's is the review in video using what else but Loom Video teams product :)


    Had used Loom chrome extension and gmail integration back in Sep then picked it up again in the new year Jan 2018.

    As a back up here's the review in text for the old timers as well :)

    I've used loom to:

    *Explain in a JIRA ticket via walk through what I require

    *Record a video to answer a Quora answer

    *Introduced myself to a potential partnership opportunity with the government via providing the link in a LinkedIn message - they were blown away ... this was their response;

    "Wow Baris. What an amazing and innovative introduction!"

    *Send video emails and yesterday introduced myself to an offshore team - I have it embedded in gsuite gmail.

    And I love how the video embeds and can be watched directly in your inbox without leaving (text emails are soooo last decade!)

    Beats the hell out of text emails since video can express so much more of my whole self then text could ever!

    I will try it also on Asana and Trello to enhance communication so collaboration with stakeholders is well understood with a personal message.

    Awesome work guys!

    A feature request: "Ability to add subtitles" - majority of us watch videos in silent until we qualify the content then watch it with sound. So I've seen you've got the new trimming feature and also ability to link to

    Baris Ozturk has used this product for one month.
  • Christopher Aumueller
    Christopher AumuellerCEO & Founder at FanWord

    - Super easy to use

    - Actually works

    - Interface


    - Sometimes people struggled with watching complete video

    Absolutely love Loom and have been an avid user for the past 3-4 months. Finally an easy screen-recording tool that actually works and delivers. The only "issue" I was having was that sometimes videos cut off after a specific point as if the upload didn't fully complete. Now, I am waiting 2-3 minutes after uploading before sending the video to anyone and havent had any issues.

    Do you have any specific plans for the next version? Would be curious to hear

    Christopher Aumueller has used this product for one month.
  • TA Business Solutions
    TA Business SolutionsTA Business Solutions

    Easy to use. Solution provider to many use cases, both professionally and personally. World-class service and support.



    I've been using Loom for a few months and absolutely love it. From the product itself through customer service, it's been a great experience. It is easy to use and provides a solution to so many use cases, both professionally and personally. Loom is one of those few apps that I cannot do without. Well done!

    TA Business Solutions has used this product for one year.
  • Vince McConville
    Vince McConvilleAdvisor, Consiliosa

    Really Easy to Use. Records the Desktop as well. And it's Free


    None at the moment!

    Have been using Loom since the rebrand last year and have fallen in love with it! Often use it to reply to clients via Gmail as it's easier to show them how to do stuff such as update their websites ore use their CRMs rather than type a response with screenshots. Use it for on-boarding tutorials & how-tos and similar explainer type videos.

    The Loom team are really responsive to feedback & the product development road map is really exciting. Love the recent updates especially the video trimming! Keep it up :-)

    Vince McConville has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Literally NOTHING. This is one of the most amazing products I use on a daily basis, and they just keep making it better.


    Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. ...I mean, I guess they could PAY ME $1M/day to use it, that would be better...

    A review of LOOM requires USING LOOM, so here's my review:


    TL;DW version: These guys are freaking AMAZING. Seriously, I've paid a ton for hundreds of products that don't do half of what Loom does for me for free.

    Justin West has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    It's in my "Can't live without it" status


    Enough said

    Honestly I do not want to type another email again - either to co workers, clients or practically anyone where I am trying to explain something. Simply recording yourself showing your screen is sooooo much more effective then going back and forth in email reply hell.

    Rob Galvin has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy and fast to activate


    Nothing I can think about

    I've been using loom for communicating concepts faster with clients, and also for explaining things easier at my company. It has been super easy and fast to use!

    Miguel Angel Morkin has used this product for one year.