Lookmark 2

Save iTunes content for later.

A smart way to save iTunes content for later. Apps, movies, music and more - all can be lookmarked!

Save Data

Don’t waste your data by downloading content over a cellular network. Lookmark notifies you when Wi-Fi is available.

On the Desktop

The Lookmark browser extension lets you lookmark content from web pages on your computer.

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1 Review5.0/5
Hi! I’m Claes Jacobsson, the maker of Lookmark. Feel free to give me your feedback or ask me anything about Lookmark. I’ll do my best to answer. A blog post about the release: http://lookmark.io/blog/lookmark... Happy lookmarking! Claes
@claesjacobsson can you explain what this is, or to use it for?
Hi Chris and thanks for asking! Lookmark is an iOS app that collects all your lookmarks. Lookmarks are iTunes items (apps, movies, podcasts etc) that you have discovered but didn’t want to download at that very moment. Perhaps you want to wait until you have a WiFi connection, or maybe you would like to buy an app when the price drops. Lookmark can notify you! You can lookmark items directly from Safari on iOS using the share extension or from any of the iTunes content apps like App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks etc. And if you are browsing the web from your computer you can lookmark stuff using our browser extensions for Chrome or Safari. Bookmarks will instantly be sent to your iPhone.
LOVE this app! Given that the "add to wish list" function is erratic at best on the share sheet, this app fills a huge gap!
Been using Lookmark 2 beta for a while, I really loved the app!
I've been looking for something like this so I really appreciate you making this!
Saw this on Macstories and I'm hooked on it. I'm going to start blogging about apps soon and this is my biggest tool right now. Love it. Would love to be able to create lists within the app, but other than that, it's amazing.
@iamjmw Hey Joseph and thanks! Lists would be great and is something I am looking at for upcoming versions. Stay tuned!