Identify and buy clothing items that celebrities wear on TV

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Hey everybody! I'm one of the developers at LookLive. LookLive identifies apparel, shoes and accessories in TV Shows and celebrity images. We find out the exact products that appear in TV shows and images so you can easily buy the clothing you saw. We don't just tell you the exact product but for every product we provide a similar and a bargain product so everybody can look like their favourite stars and tv characters.
I'm curious about where do you guys get the data about clothing items
@sgzhaohang We're using a combination of AI (image recognition / logical suggestions) and human curation to determine what somebody is wearing. Especially with celebrities we can make good guesses about what they're wearing. Because, like most people, they have a finite set of clothing and certain items get worn more often then others. For example, Kanye West loves to wear his Yeezy shoes ;) The data bout the clothing is (automatically) collected from several webshops and websites.
Hi Hang, our core business is MetaData collection and distribution. We've built scalable AI that supports in content recognition API's that distribute the metadata. LookLive.com focuses on apparel but our metadata infrastructure is built to know all metadata that's associated with a video timestamp. It's not all 100% automated, but we're working hard to get there.
This looks pretty great - love that they post the "Actual" item, and then show "Similar" and "Bargain" versions! Handy.
Sounds like TheTake, which has raised funding for this idea, showing items in films. A few days ago they expanded into tv shows.