Look Right

Try a completely new level of immersion with a chat story

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Hi, Producthunters! I'm so thrilled and excited to announce Look Right. It's a chat story and experiment. We've been working on it for a year and now I can sure you that you haven't seen this level of immersion and attention to any tiny detail before. Look Right contains all details required for its genre: non-linear storyline, intriguing story, and unpredictable twists. But there are also some particular features. And here just a few of them: – All characters have their own active profiles in social networks (if they still alive, of course) and represented by real actors. – A lot of real life photos and videos were taken especially for Look Right. – Look Right world is real in the most modern ways. All fiction companies have their own interactive web resources with hidden clues. We were really impressed by feedback from our players in Australia and Canada, during the soft launch – a lot of positive reviews and 5 stars ratings. One Australian man is going to visit all locations from the story. Anyway, you should make your own opinion about Look Right. It's free and available on the AppStore. I'm always here to answer on all your questions.
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Perfect for every storytelling game enthusiast. Great experience.
Great idea, Eugeny! I should definitely try it!
@vladimirpolo it'll be great to receive your story about the story :)
Good luck, guys!
@kengu_rut thank you for your support!
It reminds me of old toys based on dialogues. Good luck
@platonenkonik yep, but becomes bigger and wider than just an app 😄 Thank for your support!