A clean way of saving screenshots at regular intervals

Daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, or any other frequency.
We handle all the complicated code.
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Good idea, but you may want to reconsider the name.
@olivierjanssen olivierjanssen For those unclear on what this means, ‘SS’ was a Nazi organization
I think the highlighting of "SS" can be very hindering in certain markets, especially in the DACH Region and certain other countries.
Pros: Clean, simple and just does the job. Cons: Unexpected anschluss... Well, man, honestly as a person living in Poland "SS" literally screamed at me ;)
@bartekhejnowicz It also means stainless steel ;)
@bartekhejnowicz @usfslk Even in the US most people would associate SS with Schutz Staffel rather than Stainless Steel. Don't be like WIX and exclude yourself from a market because of your name.
@usfslk right man. I'm sorry that people are paying more attention to the name of the app instead of the app itself. I will surely give a test drive very soon, but if you're planning to work on development and make it a sustainable product - please re-consider the name :) PH is a good benchmark as people here are only discussing the name.
@marvinpoo Good to know mate! By the way - what's wrong with WIX? I'm honestly curious now.
@bartekhejnowicz Long story short: Wix sounds like "Wichs", "Wichsen" means masturbation in the D/A/CH-Region, so Wixen (the verb of using Wix) would be very confusing haha. Resulted in multiple SEO problems in the D/A/CH-Region in the past and also very hard to advertise. Especially for small businesses that can't afford a domain :)
This is the beta version of LongLiveSS, a minimal web app to capture your favorite website screenshots at regular intervals. Feel free to ask me anything and everything