Create and design your landing, event, business in one page

Create and design your landing, event, business or profile page with the simplest, most flexible one-page builder you've ever used.

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Hey @patrikengborg, This is convenient. Can you tell us more about why you built it and how does it differ from other similar products out there?
@jacqvon Hi! The idea of LonelyPage came up when I needed a simple presentational web page about myself. Even though I've built hundreds of web sites in my life I didn't feel like making another one that day, so I started searching for tools that could help me make a simple good looking page. It was impossible to find one that I liked, everything was cluttered and bloated, so I ended up starting to build a tool just like that instead of just a simple webpage for myself, hehe. So here I am. I had plans of submitting it to Product hunt myself, but seems someone did it before me :) I would say LonelyPage differs from similar products in that it tries to mimic a desktop tool even more than most others. For example, I haven't seen the use of a page tree like LonelyPage's. I tried to make something that is both simple, flexible and progressive at the same time, that can be used by both advanced users and novices. I think LonelyPage has a different feel to it, than my competitors. Also, it focuses on one page instead of a full-blown site, which is not the most common focus. I believe one-page websites will be more common, I hope people will see the benefits.
Your site is not loading for me
@patrikengborg Yah, never mind. It's up now. Looks good, nice one!
Hi. Your embed setting is blocking the YouTube video from playing. It would also be great to see some examples.