Messenger app that works right on the lockscreen

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
iOS is usually first to get the shiny new apps (~90% of the new apps posted on Product Hunt are iOS-first) but LokLok is giving me some FOMO.

Yesterday I was on This Week in Startups with @Jason and we chatted about Snapchat and its innovation to make the process of creation fast and easy. We also talked about the rumored iWatch and how wearable tech is reducing the friction to engage with technology. LokLok is a great example of this, reducing the time/effort to consume and create. cc @joshm, @kellymcgrath
Sarah Perez
@sarahintampa · TechCrunch
This is great. [Whipping out my Nexus 5. iPhone who?]
Sabrina Majeed
@sabrina · Mobile Designer at BuzzFeed
It's strange... this new feeling of... envy towards Android users...
ece (。◕‿◕。)
@ecetweets · Product @ Mashable
Just requested access - excited to give it a whirl if/when I'm approved! I do think they need to tweak their intro messaging though:

Screen 1 of in-app intro says it's synchronized between "you and your favorite group of poeple" - hooray! But then screen 2 tells me "Choose a person or group of people to be connected to. Most people share loklok with their romantic partners, but you can also create a group for your closest friends!"

Why you gotta make me feel second best cause I don't have an android toting significant other, LokLok? Who are these "most people"? Think there's room to give people ideas on how to use the app without phrasing it so oddly (the video does a much better job!)
Ali Ahmed
@syedaliahmed · Founder, Dispatch
Really like this :)
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