Collect, aggregate and analyze log data

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Vladislav Chernov
@vladislav_chernov · CEO at Weelco Inc.
Hey, Hunters! My name is Vlad and I’m the CEO of LogPacker. Thanks, @_jacksmith for your help and support! This is our first time on Product Hunt and we are more than excited to meet you all!!! LogPacker service was created to make your data life as easy as possible. It helps you to save time and resources for getting real money while LogPacker is collecti… See more
Mike Coutermarsh
@mscccc · Code @ Product Hunt
Hey @vladislav_chernov. This space is super crowded. I'm constantly getting pitched new log aggregators. What makes your solution different/better from Papertrail or LogEntries?
Ayush Chandra
@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff ! The walk through video doesn't have any audio in it ? Thanks 😊
Ayush Chandra
@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Does this work with websites too ?